Anthropology is the study of cultures; it goes over everything in a culture from language, economics, religion, natural resources, and so much more. Design is greatly influence by all of these things. We think that to study anthropology you much understand interior design and how it relates to cultures. In the book Interior Design and Decoration the authors take you from prehistory to the modern day and show you how much a society and culture is affected by design. Interior design is affected by geography, religion and government. For hundreds of years interior design has played a crucial role in the efficiency and pleasure of human activity. From living rooms, to palaces, and tombs; design has played a part. Every aspect of our lives is affected by the character of the space in which it takes place. Knowing the interiors from other cultures and times helps us to understand our own. Through this web page you will see how each period of design has affected each culture in some way or another.